What does the word biohack mean?

The word "biohack" is a term that is used to refer to the practice of using biology and biotechnology to modify or manipulate living systems. Biohacking is also known as DIY biology, and it is a rapidly growing field that encompasses a wide range of activities, including genetic engineering, biotechnology, and synthetic biology.

Biohacking can be used for a variety of purposes, such as developing new medical treatments, creating new forms of sustainable energy, improving human health and performance, and exploring the limits of biology. Biohackers often use a variety of tools and techniques, including genetic engineering, biotechnology, and computer programming, to achieve their goals.

In general, the word "biohack" refers to the use of science and technology to manipulate or modify biological systems in order to achieve specific goals


Biohacking supplements help you take this to the next level by improving concentration, increasing energy, and helping your body benefit from the most bioavailable forms of nutrients on the market. The main difference between biohacking and biotechnology is that biotechnology is a regulated industry, while biohacking is more “clandestine”. Biohacking usually uses biotechnology, but it's not necessary: changes in what you eat through a diet or in the way you think through exercises such as preparation or visualization are types of biohacking. Zayner, the biohacker who once injected himself with CRISPR DNA, has also had health problems for years, and some of his biohacking activities have been explicit attempts to cure himself.

We can't talk about health and biohacking without talking about diet biohacking. The biohackers I spoke to said that restrictive regulation would be a counterproductive response to biohacking because it would only make the practice go underground.

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